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Danielle Falci


Danielle Falci brings a strong foundation in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice studies to Gustman Law P.C. Danielle has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely dedicated to her role as a paralegal for Gustman Law P.C.

Danielle’s academic background, coupled with hands-on experience, has equipped her with valuable insights into legal processes. In her current position, Danielle excels in obtaining medical records, preparing legal documents, organizing files, managing office calendars, handling physical mail, and assisting with motion briefs and pleadings. Danielle’s commitment to efficiency and attention to detail ensures smooth operations and exceptional support for our legal team.

Moving towards the future, Danielle is eager to deepen her understanding of the legal field by pursuing additional courses in legal studies. Danielle’s experiences as a paralegal have fueled her passion for the law, and she is committed to continuous learning and growth in this dynamic field. Danielle is excited to embark on this next chapter of her educational journey, expanding her skills and expertise to better serve our clients and contribute meaningfully to the legal profession.

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